Visit Reinhekla


Reinhekla was started by Jon Fredrik Skauge in 2008. The word reinhekla derives from the cooking process of flax. The finest linen fibers that remain when the linen is crocheted are reindeer crocheted.

Reinhekla means short and good authenticity and honesty. Jon Fredrik Skauge is a researcher, lecturer and historian with specialized knowledge on folk costume. He has solid practical and theoretical knowledge of Nordic clothing and handicraft traditions. Read more:, the Norwegian sheep and wool are more popular than ever. For thousands of years, Norwegians have kept sheep not only for food, but also for obtaining wool fibers to keep warm and dress up. At the knitting festival you have a unique opportunity to visit Fannremsgarden and Skauge on Sunday August 30th. The theme of the visit is “wool is gold.” At the farm they have their own shop with selected quality products in wool and linen, as well as wrought iron and ceramics.

This year, this experience is included in the festival pass.


Attention: You must arrange transport by taxi yourself. 

Pris       Inngår i festivalpass

Sted      Fannremsgården

Dag       Søndag 29.august

Tid        1200 - 1400


Ride the Knitting Train


The knitting train travels to Løkken verk where we must go up a little hill to come to the entrance to the mine. This historical mine remains as evidence of hundreds of years of living history. The miners and the horses are gone now, but the mine’s walls, long tunnels and the underground Fagerlisalen “cathedral” remain. This underground Cathedral has a natural floor of 1.3 kvm and a 15 meter high ceiling, which gives one the feeling of entering a real cathedral. 


For this excursion, remember to bring comfortable shoes and a woollen jumper or cardican. It can been cold within the mine. Unfortunately, the knitting train and mine cannot accommodate wheel chairs. There is the possibility to purchase coffee on board the train and you can bring along a packed lunch or snack if you would like to do so. 

Price      325,-

Place      From Bårdshaug Manor

Date       Sunday 30th August

Time       0930 - 1400




Saturday at 0900 - 1500 the town square is characterized by yarn, knitting and needlework. Yarn shop Tråsnella and other niche shops have good festival offers. In the center you will also find a cozy cafe, interior shop, restaurants and everything a shopper wants. Stop in or relax at some of the street eateries. The square is just a few steps from the festival area at Bårdshaug, and no good festival atmosphere without visiting our center. This year, the Kunstforeningen has an exhibition in connection with the knitting festival in the room of the Orkdal Kunstforening, located just off the square. The large windowed room faces the street.




Place     Walking distance fra Bårdshaug

Date       Saturday

Time      1000 - 1500



Tours within the Pavilion


Take a tour within the historic Pavilion or Stavkirke which was transported to Orkanger from the United States. This building was a part of the world exhibition in Chicago in 1893. It is the only building in the world that has travelled over the Atlantic ocean TWICE! It was collected and brought home and set up again, here at the festival location in 2017, under the official watch of the Norwegian Culture Minister. 

Price     Inngår i festivalpass

Place    Paviljongen

Date     Sunday 30th August

Time     0930 - 0950


foto: Torill Kyllo