Vi er en del av et Nordisk samarbeid «Cold water festivals» som har mottatt støtte fra Nordisk kulturfond, se

Vi kommer 28- 30 august 2020 med et helt nytt festivalkonsept. Følg oss på Facebook, og Instagram «midtnorsk strikkefestival» 



Welcome to the international knitting festival in the heart of Norway; Orkanger city - a small town about 3 miles south from Trondheim with 8011 inhabitants.


The town lies at the end of a fjord with good access to sea fishing, and you will find the best salmon rivers of Norway. Traders, bathers and tourists make their mark on the town every summer. Handcrafts has been given a strong position in this area for a long time, and our festival is closely linked to the story of the architect, minister, landowner and consul Christian Thams (1867 - 1948). Read more here


You will be able to get closer to the festival by walking in this mans footprints from the past. The festival is held at Bårdshaug Manor which Christian Thams built in 1890. This was the home of Thams and his first lady, a Belgian baroness, and their guests. There will be knitting cafe, workshops, exhibitions, wine evening with local cheeses and a gala dinner in the mansion's dining rooms.

Thams was by the Norwegian Government asked to build a replica of a stave church from Norway that would be Norway's contribution to the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893. After the exhibition the "church" had been in America until recently when some volunteers brought it back and built it up again next to Bårdshaug Manor in 2017. There will be partly held some workshops during the festival.

In 1908 the Thams Norway's first narrow grooved electric railway was opened. The path does not go far from Bårdshaug to Lokken mines where it was previously excavated chalcopyrite. It was opened by HM King Haakon VII of Norway, who was also the guest of honor during the opening ceremony on Bårdshaug Manor.


We organize "knitting train" from Bårdshaug to Lokken mines where participants will visit "Cathedrals" down in the mine. The hall has an area of ​​1,300 square meters and a ceiling height of 15 meters, which gives a feeling of getting into a cathedral. The walls of the mine has a color game with formations that give you a feeling of being inside the Earth's interior. We end the tour here. In the mine we sit down with our knitting and let us entertain. This is a trip you will remember the rest of your life.

Finally, we will mention that you during your stay can visit a Norwegian farm built on traditions. There one of Norway's most famous historians lives regarding Norwegian national costumes. Jon Fredrik Skauge reconstructs Norwegian costumes from the 1800's, see his costumes from Orkanger here.


You can get to Orkanger by plain to Trondheim Airport, Taxi to Stjordal town bus station (10 min) and then bus number 310 directly to Orkanger (50 min) - situated 50 meters from the festival area. I you wish to extend your stay after the festival end, you can add a visit to the middle of Norway capital Trondheim, read more here.


If you wish to visit us together in a travel companion and need a charter bus, we can help you out.