Concert with Kristian Raanes


Kristian Raanes is a Norwegian artist and songwriter, who comes from Orkland. He participated with great success in the music competition Idol in 2018.

We get to hear Kristian Raanes with a band during the party night at Bårdshaug Manor, where we are entertained with music with speed.

Watch Kristian's performance here and you will see which party night this will be

Foto: Kristian Raanes


Festival evening with quiz


Located within the “festsalen” at the Manor House (Bårdshaug Herregård).

Dinner, service, quiz with prizes and evening entertainment. Participation and space is limited to 120, so get your Festival evening tickets early!

Price      295,-

Place     Festsalen på Bårdshaug 

Date      Lørdag 29 august

Time      2000 - 2200


Cheese and Wine


Friday evening from 9:00 pm until 10:00 pm at the “Jaktbaren” within the Manor House (Bårdshaug Herregård) taste our renowned, local chesses from Orkla ysteri, where they will present a variety of cheeses to try. 

Price      255,-

Place     Jaktbaren on Bårdshaug 

Date      Friday 28th August

Time      2100 - 2200



Foto: Orkladal ysteri

Champagne on Ice

Wine tasting


Friday evening at 1900 - 2000 you can at Bårdshaug Manor get an introduction to sparkling wines from the hotel's own wine sommelier.

Price      345,-

Place     Jaktbaren on Bårdshaug 

Date       Friday 28th August

Time      1900 - 2000


Speed knitting competition

Turid Støa Bergmann

Who can knit the most stitches within 20 minutes! All you need to do to participate in this competition is to knit! Participants will be knitting a swatch in garter stitch back and forth. Participants must bring their own choice of yarn and knitting needles. 

There will be prizes for the fastest knitter and for those that come closest to the ideal number of stitches within this time frame. This competition is FREE and open for everyone with a “festivalpass”.

Price     Free

Place    Paviljongen

Date     Saturday 29th August
Time     1800 - 1845


Midtnorsk strikkefestival 2016

Cozy activities


At the knitting cafe you can just sit down with the knitwear, turn off a chat and enjoy yourself at a slow pace. Bring your knitting, crochet sticks and yarn, and you can get training, as well as the opportunity to practice with others. Bring your knitting needles / yarn and we can promise you a useful snug time. Open both days in at Bårdshaug Manor with opportunities to sit down to knit in the pleasant Resturant Ministernen, lobby area, Gallery Thams / loft over the lobby area, the hunting bar and the fantastic outdoor areas.


The 2017 worship service was very well received. It has a lot to say that we have a happy priest. Sunday at 1100-1200. The church is within walking distance of the festival area and maps can be found in the information booth at Bårdshaug Manor.