Art and design

We have changed our name to the Central Norwegian Culture and Knitting Festival. This means that we believe knitting is a culture, a culture with strong historical roots in Norway. If you do not know the history behind this culture, you also have trouble understanding why it appears as it does today. Our festival will have a content that captivates both young and old.


We are therefore pleased to reveal that artist Kari Steihaug and the design duo DUODU are coming to this year's festival.


Kari Steihaug

Foto: Thomas Tveter


Look forward to meeting this fantastic artist who, among other things, uses yarn and knitwear in his works of art. Read about Kari's incredible CV of solo exhibitions, group and group exhibitions, purchases and decorations here: https://kunstnerforbundet.no/kunstnere/3-Kari-Steihaug


You will meet the artist as a lecturer and as an instructor at the workshop. Look forward to an inspiring meeting, we are proud to have brought Kari to Orkanger.






One of the world's largest art shows in Venice wanted something special for their exhibition in 2019. They found it in Trondheim. The knitting duo "Duodu" from Trondheim was the only Norwegian participant. Now they take the trip to Orkanger and our festival. There they will test our catwalk and exhibit their new 2020 collection inspired by Africa. The exhibition takes place in an African-inspired room at Bårdshaug Manor.

Read more about Duodu here:

https://duodu.no/duodu/ http://duodu.no/bestilling/

There will be a lot to look forward to when Duodu and other designers use the catwalk.

Podcast about our festival

Skjermbilde 2018-02-15 kl. 00.04.26 kopi

Foto: Sofia Kammeborn

PODCAST Sofia Kammeborn, «knitting star» from Sweden. From their visit to Norway and our festival in 2018.

See and hear their impressions; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQqhM_kswH4&t=1s

Maybe you will also be tempted to visit us this year?

Video from previous years' festivals

Cold Knitting Festivals

We are now part of a Nordic co-operation that has received support from the Nordic Culture Fund. This means that we reach a much larger customer group and gain access to instructors and speakers we would not otherwise reach. This places great demands on the content and quality of our festival, and we are happy about that. Read more: https://www.nordicknitlab.com/