Our goal this Saturday is to present the range of design from the stylish style of Duodu, the very special style of 2jinter, and then end with the colorful design queen from Denmark - Christel Seyfarth.

Catwalk Saturday - Orklahallen 




Knit designers Rita Nylander and Anne Grut Sørum from Trondheim supply crafts that lift a hundred-year knitting tradition into another division.



Karin Mertz Pladsen and Hanne Senstad, are two boys who sew wool dresses with old knitwear and woolen fabrics produced in Austria. All the dresses are matchless, you don't make two alike.


"Obviously most of my inspiration comes from Fanø. From the sea, the light, the waves, the storm, the birds and the powerful nature. If you have your senses open, you can find inspiration everywhere.

Catwalk Sunday - Orklahallen 

Our goal today is to present more traditional knitting designs with distinctive features. Some with long experience, others at the start of their design career. We calm down the music a bit and listen to beautiful, undulating rhythms from:


Ingvill Freland from Trøndelag loves to frolic in yarn, and since she was a little girl has made her own creations. She designs clothes and accessories for both children and adults. Her designs are presented through several channels, and she herself runs the online store Ingvill has previously published the book Adventure knitwear and Knitted hats. In addition, she contributed some recipes in the book Feminint accessories.


Driver company: Monicam design from Ørlandet in Trøndelag. She mostly makes knitting patterns for children and adults. She knits the models herself. You will see garments designed by her on the catwalk. Among other things, she has designed our festival gown for the festival in 2018.