We have put together a wide range of products in the Orklahallen for the yarn market in 2019. Of course, yarn is central. Here, both Norwegian and foreign yarn of the best quality! Knitting, accessories, pattern, knitting bowles, clothes etc. you will also find her. Only one week after the website was published, the hall was fully booked. Below is presented this year's stands.


JORUNN JOHANSEN - Jorunn Design in Skogn

Owner of Jorunn Design in Skogn, Trøndelag. Jorunn is a painter, using both canvas and porcelain. She creates cups, mugs, porcelain bowls, cards, knitting bags and other products. 

Jorunn uses lovely colours within her work which are directly connected to her passion for yarn and knitting. Explore her Facebook profile at Jorunn Design, and her Instagram profile @jorun_design.



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Kreative-Sting  Liv Elin Lund

Liv Elin is the owner of Kreative-Sting in Viggja, Skaun, our neighbouring community. Her product portfolio contains yarn from Hjertegarn from Denmark, Kauni, Manos del Uruguay and Jarbo in Sweden, In addition to hand sewn knitting satchels, bags, and needle holders.

HOLUM GÅRD  Gunn Elin Folland

Gunn Eling runs Holum Gård in Meldal. She sells yarn and leather products from her own sheep; Gammelnorsk Spælsau and Grå Trøndersau. Gunn Elin will be exhibiting wool products, yarn, fleece and leather products from her farm.


Monika is the designer behind MonikaMdesign in Ørlandet. She designs knitting patterns and garments for both children and adults. She knits all her designs and model pieces herself. She will be at the festival exhibiting yarn, patterns and knitting kits. Monika was the designer of the festival cardigan featured in 2018. Participants will have the opportunity to see her garments on the catwalk within the fashion show this year.

FORTUNA  Ellen Haugen Bergsrønning

Marit and Ellen, a mother and daughter team, from Løkken Verk, run the local yarn and online shop, Fortuna, where their motto is “Yarn is the cherry on the top!”  They work together to arrange a variety of knitting activities for the local knitting community, including hosting their own podcast on YouTube. They will be joining the festival this year, exhibiting their own hand dyed yarns, but also the yarns they have gathered from around the world like Hedgehog Fibers,Wollmeise and Garnsurr. They work diligently to choose the best of the best, when it comes to brand, quality and colours for their customers. 






Spøtegarn is a family of knitters who run an online shop. Marin works together with her sister to create hand dyed yarns. Their mum designs and creates knitting patterns for both children and adults. It is important to the family to create beautiful, high quality, natural and superwash treated yarns, with the lowest environmental impact. They will join our festival to exhibit a variety of lovely yarns and knitting designs.


First class quality yarn hand dyed with lots of love and color pleasure!


Lilja has dyed yarn and run the company full time since 2016 and runs it alone from the Swedish countryside and lives just outside a place called Koppom, midway between Oslo and Karlstad.

She colors yarn from England and the Falkland Islands with carefully selected manufacturers. She also has organic and completely untreated yarn from several different sheep breeds. All in very high quality and soft fiber. She colors everything with acid-reactive colors.

She also sells knitting needles and knitting sets from ChiaoGoo.




GARNKISTA  Lill Chatrin Schei

Yarn box + Lillcat Design = true

I learned to knit when I was 5 years old by mom and grandma and I had a lot of interest. I have since knitted, crocheted, sewed and made my own things for tablecloths and myself and others. Lillcat is an abbreviation of my name and my alter ego on the web, so it was natural to use it as a design name when I in 2012 started posting my designs for sale on Ravelry. Eventually, I wanted to be able to sell yarn with my designs and in February 2016 I started Garnkista.no as an online store. I have not regretted that for a second. I also have a small yarn dye at home on the kitchen counter, where I play with new color combinations and am constantly evolving. The yarn I dye is quality yarn that I import from Germany, England and Denmark in addition to Norwegian yarn from Hillesvåg.


I have everything from thin nylon reinforced sock yarn to pure merino wool in DK thickness. The Merinoulla that I use is guaranteed to be free of mules. It is so rewarding to be allowed to be creative in everyday life and at the same time to devote his time to something as nice as yarn and sticks.

Instagram: Lillcat og Garnkista.no Facebook: Lillcat Design


DOUDOU - buy design clothes?

A unique opportunity to buy very special clothes.

DUODU says they are proud to be part of further developing craft knitting. They use traditional pattern stitching, but also a technique where the colors are applied afterwards, regardless of the mesh structure. The technique they use is time-consuming and is the result of extensive experimentation, accurate and comprehensive calculations and long experience with the material.


See here: https://duodu.no/bestilling/



I make pottery buttons, yarn bowls and ceramics that look like knitting. With the yarn bowls you can keep track of the yarn when knitting, and ceramic buttons are available in many different colors and sizes, so you can almost always find a button that fits.


My mugs, vases, bowls and more has imprint after knit. It looks like a knit so that you can't see the difference from a distance and is surprised when you touch it. Everything is stoneware so it can keep being used and get in the dishwasher.


Look here: http://www.elser.dk/


Karin has been working with the medium of wool as a focus for more than 25 years. She is a sought-after promotor and in February and March 2019, she was invited to Minnesota in the United States to give lectures and workshops, sharing her vast knowledge of this craft. She will be giving lectures during our festival, but she will also have a stand where participants can explore her work up close and in more depth. 


Thomas turns and carves wood into beautiful products which are useful to knitting. We are thrilled that he will have the opportunity to join us and to exhibit at the festival this year. He will bring his handmade yarn bowls, yarn winders, needle cases and holders, blocking boards, yarn spindles, shawl pins and darning mushrooms. 


Yvonne presents herself through this video




If you would like to see her selection of yarns and products, see here: https://www.garntrollet.no/



Yvonne runs her shop in the premises "The Coffee Burner" of Nordmøre Museum. Here you can shop in a maritime environment.


Our friend, Anna, from Finland is a textile artist and has a vast knowledge of the natural world. She visited our festival in 2018. Her Finnish yarn was very popular. She creates the loveliest colours using only natural dyes.



Jens Hoff knitting shop will be on the yarn market this year.



INVGILL FRELAND - knittingdesigner

Ingvill runs the business Strikkekista. She will be exhibiting her hand dyed yarn, her own knitting designs and patterns, yarn packages and knitting accessories. Ingvill’s creations will also be shown on the catwalk during the festival. 



Værbitt is a small, niche, yarn shop, located in Oslo, with a specific focus on Norwegian wool. Locally produced merino and lamb’s wool that is spun within Norwegian mills. Wool from Norwegian sheep grazing in the fields, forests, by the sea and up in the mountains of Norway. This allows for a strong, lustrous wool that is soft and warm. Laila will exhibit her hand dyed yarn, knitting needles, handmade knitting bags, glass buttons and other useful tools for makers. 



Projo carries yarns and patterns from all over the world as well as Norwegian suppliers. Cascade, Kauni, Filcolana, Du Store Alpakka, Shoppel Wool, Opal, Malabrigo, Wollmeise, Jarbo, Opal Socks, Rauma / PT design, Kauni, knitting needles etc.




Publisher of the successful book “Knitting Woman”.  Which includes patterns for approximately 50 different designs. Some brand new, unpublished pieces, along with Arnhild’s classic patterns. This book also tells an important story. A story about losing one’s sense of self and finding it again. This is Arnhild’s personal story. The struggle and battle against cancer and other traumas that have made her the woman she is today.

Arnhild is a well-known designer of knitwear, a web shop owner, and is also models her own creations. Her large selection of designs can be found here: https://www.arnhildskatvedt.no



PEGGYS PATCHWORK - Peggy Jørgenson

Nina-Elisabeth runs Vestavind/Østavind. She will join us at the festival exhibiting knitting bags, thin wool socks and stitch markers. Although her business is relatively new, she promises to bring along a lot of new and exciting things in August 2020. Nina-Elisabeth shares that she has just turned 50 and has begun to find her own rhythm to life, with a focus on personal health and meaningful activities. Her dream is to allow each day, bloom within creative projects based on the philosophy that “handmade is well made”.



Kate loves colour, knitting and engaging with other makers. She hand dyes yarn within her kitchen and she will be exhibiting this, along with handmade knitting bags and her own knitting designs and patterns. Her patterns feature a variety of designs, in multiple colours. But most often small items on needle size 2.5 mm. Her online web shop to explore further is www.katesindesign.no.



Karin Mertz Pladsen and Hanne Senstad, are two boys who sew wool dresses with old knitwear and woolen fabrics produced in Austria. All the dresses are matchless, you don't make two alike.


Their passionate hobby is to sew new dresses of old coats. They have participated in several exhibitions including at the Ski Museum in Holmenkollen with the exhibition "From warm memories to matchless wool dresses" which included 11 wool dresses from 4 Olympic sweaters from the Lillehammer Olympics.

Read more: www.2jinter.no



The person behind Buglas Design Janne Wie has for many years designed knitting, crocheting and sewing. This reflects the products she presents at the festival. Patterns for pillows have been the largest part of what has been made. Bottle coats and pot cloths are also available. In recent years knit bags in many colors and shapes have emerged. Most of them are redesign of curtains, tablecloths, knitted garments and embroidered things. She also has other things for knitters such as circular needles and mesh markers with matching bags.


MARGARET MAALØ - our local potter

Margaret lives and has a workshop in Meldal.


She has an education as a general teacher with a major in arts and crafts from Sør-Trøndelag University College, and vocational education in ceramics and design from Vestfold. She works with ceramics that have a functional expression. The pottery reflects what interests her at the moment. At the festival she presents yarn balls, good cups, small and large bowls for knitting time and a barrel is probably a surprise too.



You can also follow her on instagram account # petrablom70.


KNITLOVE - Tone Fiskaa Lenschow

A few years ago, she felt a screaming need for order in her knitting needles, when the idea of Knitlove knitting needles storage was born. She wanted a system where she could organize her pins by pin number, that is, collect all the pins in each pin number in one place. It turned into individual knitting needle folders, which she in turn collected in a Knitlove knitting needle bag. Such a bag holds absolutely all her knitting needles, as well as all the extra equipment such as wires, stoppers, mask markers, scissors, tape measure and miscellaneous. It's a folder easy to carry in your knitting bag when you're on a project that needs several types of pins, such as long and short round pins and set pins.


Tone runs Knitlove https://www.knitlove.no/ next to her job at NTNU in Trondheim.


BARE TØFLER - Tone Natland Fagerhaug

She and husband Tom run the company "Just Slippers AS" together. The slipper adventure started when Tone gave Tom homemade tova slippers the first Christmas they got together. Gradually, more and more people wanted Tone tova slippers, and demand was greater than what Tone himself was able to make. Thus, they found that there was a rather limited selection of good handmade wool slippers to buy both in physical stores and online. The selection of slipper recipes, especially the rope slippers, was quite lean. That's why they started the online store www.baretofler.no online shop for slipper lovers who prefer handmade slippers made of natural materials.


They have slipper recipes designed by Tone, yarns to match, leather soles, anti-slip and other equipment. They also offer handmade slippers for slipper lovers who do not have the time or desire to make slippers themselves. They bring to the festival recipes, various slippers to make and a selection of rope slippers.




We are two friends (a doctor and a physiotherapist) in Trondheim who are behind the newly started company Havrebarna which designs and sells recipes for babies and children 0-12 years.


We offer recipes in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English. In the course of 6 months, we have gained over 2000 followers on Instagram. We have big plans and dreams for Havrebarna and therefore want to reach even more people.

See their website here: www.havrebarna.no

NORSK STRIKKEFORBUND - The Norwegian knitters Association

We are delighted to announce that the Norwegian Knitters Association will participate at the festival this year. This organization is an independent association working to preserve and to promote Norwegian knitting culture and its traditions. The Norwegian Knitting Association works to further the interests of its members by promoting the knowledge and the skills of knitting on all levels. At their stand you will find information, opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas and of course the possibility to join and sign up for membership.




Loopi design og yarn is a yarn shop in Trondheim that specializes in crafts and products with a history. High quality and good materials can help slow down the consumption carousel. The products have as many natural raw materials as possible, such as wool, silk and leather.

We sell Værbitt yarn, Einrúm yarn, yarn from Hillesvåg and knitting bags and small storage made in Trondheim. See loopi.no for more information.



Strikkezilla design is Tina and Veronika, we design knitting patterns and gorgeous, useful knitting things. Our idea is that practical and nice go hand in hand, and it goes again in everything you find with us.


We travel around the country and the beach with suitcases full of knitting joy, happiness and smart solutions. Some we have invented ourselves, others have someone else invented for us. Common to all of us is that there are nice things for nice people! "



I spin, knit, weave from everything I have received from my own sheep. I have wild sheep, and based on these. Possibly I can ask with wild sheepskin for the festival. Has card ribbon for sale, yarn, both from Selbu Spinneri and self-spun yarn. Will spin when I sit on the yarn market too. Lives in Leksvik, but has the sheep with me on holiday to Barøya where they graze in the summer. We talk at the festival.



The project was created in 2010, and has spread to all over the country, and most hospitals. Today, the project delivers blankets, hats, socks, mittens, mittens and more to over 300 beds throughout Norway. The Amanda Project St. Olavs Hospital and Levanger have their own Facebook idea with over 1000 members.


The project is gathered several times at a knit cafe where they knit contributions to the project in socializing. They exchange experiences, try out new recipes and come up with new ideas.


Visit their booth and get acquainted with this wonderful project.



UniQ Garn wants to work according to an ethical and sustainable way of thinking that puts quality in focus. Our main suppliers are Camarose, Cheetah and Filcolana, and we have yarn from Jærbo (Istex), Drops, Permin and our own hand-dyed yarn. We are completely new start-ups, so there will probably be more to come.


We also have unique project bags by Humlesurr_design, made up for us, and that we make mask markers ourselves. Oxana also has its own teddy bear factory; Snaustrinda Bamsemakeri, and I make patterns through Sweet Chili Design.


We have a second floor in the shop, where we have made a knitting room. There we will also hold knitting cafes and courses.