Slowliving with a head and two hands

What is our driving force in sharing all the benefits of working with our hands? There is an expression called "a mouth TWO ears". What about the phrase "a head TWO hands" ...? We are equipped with two hands. Two hands that we humans have used to perform crafts at all times. Why we should not need the same in 2016 is incomprehensible to us.


We do not need knitting / sewing / crocheting by necessity to have clothes on the body. But we need to use our hands to create something to satisfy the power that lies between hand and brain. 60% of the brain area is related to only our hands! If we stop using our hands, we also stop stimulating parts of the brain. A context we have a hard time seeing because everything around us is going faster and faster.


That is why we are committed to conveying that knitting is like medicine for our brains, and then it does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced, whether there are holes in the sweater or whether you make a perfect sweater. It's not about whether you are young or old, man or woman, trendy or mainstream.


It is about the power of the hand because you are a human being.



Midtnorsk strikkefestival 2016