Mette Larsen

Foto: Mette Larsen

Knitting Without Boarders

With Mette Larsen – knittingrebell from Denmark, Kari Steihaug participates under the workshopen

During this workshop we will break all the rules! No pattern, no gauge swatch, no limitations.

We will test the limits of knitting techniques, explore new knitting possibilities and create some magic together!

You’ll decide what you will knit. I will encourage, bring examples to inspire!

Bring along some knitting you will recycle or yarn to experiment with for the workshop. 

This will be wild and you will be challenged! Both with the materials we use and with what is usual. 

I am a person that loves colour and challenges! I don’t let anything get in the way of trying something new. Especially things others decide shouldn’t be done. 

Price     NOK 450

Place    Paviljongen (stavkirken)

Date     Sunday 30th August
Time     1115 - 1415



Staining with synthetic colors

With Værbitt

Welcome to the Værbitt color course! Værbitt is known for its multicolored yarn with names such as "Mikkel Rev", "Do not pee on the thuja" and "Shoulder pillows and high hair". During the course, we explore some of the infinite possibilities you have for dyeing yarn with synthetic colors. You learn to dye semisolid, gradient, color-changing and speckled colors on beautiful, Norwegian yarn. The goal is for you to be able to apply the knowledge you acquire on the kitchen counter at home. Maybe you have a yarn dye in your stomach? Laila has material packages for sale (150, -).

You must wear clothes that can withstand a stain.


Pris       Utsolgt

Sted      Kulturhuset

Dato      Lørdag 28. august
Tid        1430 - 1630



Foto: Værbitt


Darning Station - Orkanger!

Med Kari Steihaug

Bring to this two-hour workshop, knitted pieces you wish to repair. Using needles and threat, darning eggs or ladles will creatively, using free-style repair holes within woollen clothing.

This workshop on is all about taking the time, repurposing and sustainability within a throw-away society. It’s about darning and repairing, words that are disappearing within our language. Daring is an age-old technique, but children today have no idea what this word even means.

I asked students within a 5th Grade class, “What am I doing?” As I demonstrate the technique of darning. “No idea,” they answer. “Have you heard on darning?” They shake their heads no.

After awhile one of the girls says, “It must have something to do with being frustrated and swearing!”

This is a completely unusual workshop for completely unusual artisans!

Foto: Kari Steihaug

Price      NOK  450

Place     Paviljongen

Date       Saturday 29th August
Time      1145 - 1345


Techniques in Knitting with slipped stitches

Med Rasa Ziburkute

Rasa Ziburkute, a native of Vilnius in Lithuania, is a specialist in knitting and design with slipped stitches, Lativian braids and Baltic knitting traditions. 

Knitting with slipped stitches is a simple technique, using only knit or purl stitches and was very popular long ago when knitters knitted back and forth on straight needles. This technique has been used especially within the United Kingdom, and came to Norway within a knitting magazine during the 1950’s. 

This workshop is appropriate for all participants that have the ability to cast on, knit and purl. 

Workshop materials: Bring your two favourite colours of yarn and needles that pass to the yarn’s gauge, but with a .5 or half number larger that you would normally use. Rasa recommends yarn that uses 4 mm to 5 mm needles (US 6 to 8).

Workshop participants will receive technique instruction and a workshop pamphlet, which includes a free pattern and project for practice at home.


Price      NOK 450

Place     Paviljongen (stavkirka)

Date      Saturday 29th August
Time      0930 - 1130



Foto: Rasa Ziburkute


Sustainability – thoughts on the environment and climate

With Sidsel Skjelfjord

This workshop’s focus is on sustainable techniques for repairing knitted pieces and extending the life of cherished garments. 

Participants should bring a knitted piece or garment they wish to repair.

Price      NOK 450

Place     Borgstua Bårdshaug Herregård

Date       Sunday 30th August
Time      1000 - 1300


Foto: Sidsel Skjelfjord

Midtnorsk strikkefestival 2016

Foto: Fredrik Skauge

Kveldsete på Fannrem

Med Jon Fredrik Skauge

Jon Fredrik Skauge invites us to an "evening seat" on his farm Friday night. Here you will experience his very special farm, get some food, sit together and knit over a good chat in a genuine environment. He also has his own farm shop "Reinhekla" that you can visit.


There is hardly anyone in Norway who has better insight into the country's craft history than this man, with a major in history, intermediate subjects in art history, costume and society from the University of Bergen.


The taxicab to the farm is included in the price. Join attendance in the lobby of Bårdshaug Manor.

Price      NOK  175

Place     Fannrem gård

Date       Friday 28th August
Time      1600 - 1800